Irene Gonzalez

Irene Gonzalez (b.1995) is a Spanish photographer currently studying at the University of the Arts London.

Her work is focused around analogue technologies, shooting most of the time with a 35mm camera and some black and white film.
In 2015 she set off to approach a new way of creating work whilst remaining in the photographic medium, this is how ‘Oblivion’ was born.

She discovered the zine, a DIY book which fits all of your needs, and its form is flexible enough to allow you to taylor your work around it.
This zine is based on collages whose imagery comes from flee markets, antique shops, and some old magazines. Once the collages were made, the fictitious story was wrote to go alongside it.

The zine is an ideal way of portraying photographical work and it is something which she is still exploring. Returning back to the handcrafted and analogue mediums is something very important which will continue to be one of the main focus of her work.

You can find out more about Irene Gonzalez’s work at: