Maximiliano Tineo

Tineo Maximiliano, Arg 1988

Born in Rosario, Argentina – Based in Paris, France since 2014

Technician on Photography – ISET 18 – Rosario (Arg) 2010-2012
Workshop in image and artwork whit Norbeto Puzzolo, 2011-2012


“Impresion Exterior” – Centre Audiovisual de Rosario (Arg) – 2011 – Solo
“La colectiva 8” – Centre des expressions Contemporaines – Rosario (Arg) – 2011 – groupal
“A volontary exile” – Zona Roja – Rosario (Arg) – 2014 – Solo
“We’ve bought a yucca” – MAPRA – Lyon (Fr) – 2014 – Solo


Rosario esta ciudad (Rosario this city) – co-autor – EMR 108 pag. – 2010

La Via del Nahual – Photo Travel Fanzine 200ex. – 2012
“Pianos on Arabie”, 64pag. 100ex numbered, Hand bookbinding, 2014
”Everything hangs on a thread”,  28 pag, 30ex numbered, Hand bookbinding, 2016

Youth photographer of the year Rosario (Arg) – CEC – 2014
Everything hangs on a thread (Tout ce qui pend d’un fil)
Everything hangs on a thread, is a work started on 2014 and finished on 2016 between Paris and other cities.

The project accost the fragility and shakiness of things, relationships, time and cravings.

Dust, odors, nights and some bottles…how much can we know about a city? how much can we know if everyone left, how long can we be the same person?

Everyone are fragile and also every facet of us.

We lost people all the time, we spend time, we look someone at the eyes in the metro, we feel excited by the situation, mind the gap between the train and the platform – and then… we’re out.

In the desert, the loneliness is pure, and that admit no excuses.

Everything hangs on a thread.