Doruk Kumkumoglu

Doruk Kumkumoglu (b.1994) has always been in a strong relationship with variety of different mediums and creative processes. After getting accepted in Bilgi University Visual Communication Design Department with a full scholarship, he focused more on photography and new media as his primary methods of expression while maintaining his connection with different mediums and representation methods. He also has professional experience on graphic design, print design and interaction design that is contextually present in his personal work. Recently his work is focused more on photo books, where he explores the possibilities of the medium.

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About Fragmented Sights

“Fragmented Sights is a small booklet that visually explores the phenomenon of data loss. It is by no means intended to explore the subject in depth or to describe the background processes and computational errors behind the phenomenon. Rather the project is focused on the subject on a very superficial level and explores the visual qualities and conceptual possibilities of the phenomenon. Photographs are altered, deleted on some places, and overlaid with each other. When seen they awake the idea that some parts are lost, fragmented or broken, however this does not refer to the concept of error directly since the images are arranged by hand and are not product of mere chance or computational error. That way the raw and photographs become part of this graphical composition and produce the images of uncertain states of themselves so that they can also be interpreted as an ongoing process of data collection, the image is being rapidly coming together, rather than a destructive process.”